behold, monson

Eric got me to seriously consider hiking the Appalachian Trail by saying (maybe not even totally seriously) that we could get a dog after if I did it. So, long story short, I did it.

This weekend, I finally got my reward. It happened a full eight weeks earlier than we expected (another long story), and we had one evening to prepare. But we’re thru-hikers now so we ran around frantically with a slight air of chill. Then on Sunday, we brought home Monson.

We wanted to name him something that would remind us of the trail. Monson is the last town in Maine before you finish, and I have good memories of that place. Chill and beautiful, and there was good food too. I left there on my last reserve of energy and will. We were launching into the last stretch.

He’s a good dog. Doesn’t cry all night. And he does “sit” already, sometimes. Clover, my cat, already taught him he better not go near her (he’s terrified of her right now). And, bonus, she realized she needs to up her game because she has competition now, so she’s been extra sweet.

We start puppy classes on Thursday, thankfully. I can’t wait for the advice. And until he’s old enough to go hiking!

5 thoughts on “behold, monson

  1. carol says:

    Ahh, once again brings tears to my eyes to see your accomplishment list grow. Almost a year ago you started your trip and see what rewards keep coming from that. How exciting to have a new buddy on the trail with you one day. Good dog , Monson! And good luck with doggy school.

  2. Kay says:

    Persistence, perseverance, and patience all paid off. Perhaps his name should be PPP. I can hardly wait to meet Monson!

  3. I remember when Mango was a puppy and we would take him on hikes, and then he would just flop down when he got too tired to keep going. So my dad would have to carry sleeping baby Mango the rest of the way! But now he weighs ~165 lbs…

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