I’m writing this quickly over my omelette in a lodge somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Maine. In half an hour we’ll be back on the trail. In three days we’ll enter the 100 Mile Wilderness. In ten we expect to summit Katahdin.

It’s going to take me a lot longer than I have right now to come up with nice words for all the things we’re thinking and feeling. So this rough draft will have to do.

We are both exhausted and worn down by our last long push through easily the hardest hiking on the trail (for me, anyway). Plenty of hikers are still referencing the bittersweetness of the end and some are dragging it out a bit to prolong reentry into real life. But we are ready to finish this trip–it’s taken much longer than we expected. We’re ready to bring our robustly developed appreciation for the life indoors back home, wherever that ends up being.

And so, here we go again, one last time into the wild. I’m focused on noticing and appreciating the things I will miss about this life–spending all day with Eric, fresh air flowing through the tent at night, waking naturally with sunrise. (You’ll notice the things I enjoy most take place in between stretches of hiking. I’m really tired of hiking). It’s easier to pass time thinking about where we’ll live, what we’ll do. Daydreaming about my fat fluffy cat and walking barefoot on carpet. Oh man.

We can’t wait.

Perhaps next time you hear from me, we’ll be AT thru-hikers.

5 thoughts on “homestretch

  1. carol says:

    Tears in my eyes. It has been fun going along the trail with guys. O will miss this adventureas will many. Sending still, all my energy your way for a successful period to the end of the sentence. Hugs, tears, smiles, and exhalation await! You will be done.
    But for now….hike on!

  2. Maria says:

    Hi Katherine. I have read some of your posts over the months and plan to sit still and read more. I hope that wherever your next journey takes you it will include more writing and sharing. I envy your ability and admire your courage and tenacity. Best of luck on your last push!

  3. mivey00 says:

    So proud / excited for you guys! As carol said it’s been following along with your journey even though for me at least it’s been from the somewhat less outdoorsy confines of my office.

    Whatever awaits you guys next, I’d be willing to bet it won’t come close to the difficulty of a “through hike” so I’m also excited to hear about how you conquer that journey as well!

  4. Lois Maberry says:

    I am like your Mom, I will miss following you but my hope now is that I will get the chance to meet you both and tell you how proud I am of your accomplishment. You have achieved a goal few even consider. Hike on, the end is only the beginning of a new life. Those dreams and goals will also be an adventure. God bless and watch over you to the end.

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