where we’ve been // days 103-108


Day 103: Darlington Shelter to Clark’s Ferry Shelter // 15.6 miles. More uneventful ridge walking all morning. Our guidebook had a warning about one particularly rocky section, so we thought the famous Pennsylvania rocks were about to begin, but it wasn’t anything terrible. We walked into Duncannon around lunchtime and did our resupply, then spent the heat of the day eating BBQ. We hiked out (and up) in the later afternoon and went a few miles to the shelter. Camped with Fivel and Little Foot again.

Day 104: Clark’s Ferry shelter to campsite around mile 1161 // 13.6 miles. Animal texted us early and said he could catch us if we’d do a shorter day. It was more flat, shrubby rocks on the ridge all day. The rocks were still not as bad as everyone had even telling us. We came down to a road and found the most beautiful campsite along a lovely little stream…with a big “no camping” sign in the middle of it. Why??? It was so perfect. But we moved further up the trail and found an alright spot not far away. Animal and Kat met us after dinner.

Day 105: campsite to campsite at 1177.6 // 16.6 miles. Another ridge day. Rocks continue to be bearable. By the end of the day my feet feel pounded by them, but nothing awful. Animal doesn’t take many breaks, so we hiked all morning without stopping and made good time. Found another perfect campsite at lunchtime but it was too early to stop. Another evening of carrying a lot of water uphill to camp.


Day 106: campsite to campsite approximately at mile 1197 // 19.4 miles. Pennsylvania has been tough for finding water and camping together. It had been many days since I’d been able to splash off a bit at the end of the day. This was another long, featureless day. In a few stretches the rocks were slowing us down, but not badly. We stopped for lunch at the 501 shelter, where we could order pizza delivery. Stayed there a long time before hiking out. I was really excited to camp near water, but the ground was so tilted and rocky when we got there that we decided to move on into the unknown. There were no sites in the book, but a southbound hiker told us there were spots. After what felt like forever we finally found a spot.



Day 107: campsite to Hamburg, PA // 16.7 miles. We didn’t have a huge day planned and were all feeling tired, so we did a lazy morning with no alarm, lots of coffee, and a very late start around 9:30. Hot and rocky, starting to get worse and tiring. We came into Port Clinton around 4. The plan was to camp in the town pavilion that night and get picked up by Animal’s mom for a day in Hamburg in the morning. But all the restaurants were closed and we got a ride to a Chinese buffet and there was a Microtel right there and one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping inside.

Day 108: unexpected zero in Hamburg. We originally thought we would get here in the morning today and do a near zero day with only one night inside, but this is great!


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