what’s in our packs

Today’s our last day in town. Tomorrow we drive to Georgia! I’ll keep it short and sweet today, since those last minute things are multiplying alarmingly. Here, at long last, is what we’re carrying.

Packs: Elemental Horizons Aquilo + pack covers

Clothes + Rain Gear:


  • 1 Stoic long sleeved merino wool baselayer shirt
  • 1 Patagonia capilene tanktop
  • 1 Ice Breaker merino wool leggings
  • Be Present yoga pants
  • Addidas synthetic t-shirt
  • Rab synthetic insulated jacket
  • Marmot Precip rain jacket
  • Arcteryx rain pants
  • SealSkinz waterproof beanie
  • SealSkinz waterproof socks
  • Zpacks fleece mittens + rain covers
  • Merrell barefoot trail runners
  • FITS socks, Stoic socks
  • Dirty Girl gaiters


  • 1 Ibex long sleeved merino wool baslayer shirt
  • 1 Under Armor compression t-shirt
  • 1 Stoic synthetic leggings
  • Marmot hiking pants
  • Addidas synthetic t-shirt
  • Marmot synthetic insulated jacket
  • White Sierra rain jacket
  • White Sierra rain pants
  • Zpacks fleece hat
  • Zpacks fleece mittens
  • FITS socks, Stoic socks
  • Dirty Girl gaiters

Shelter + Sleeping:

  • Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 tent
  • NeoAir XTherm sleeping pads
  • Katherine’s sleeping bag: Mountain Hardware 20degree
  • Eric’s sleeping bag: Unknown (we’ve had it awhile)
  • JagBag silk bag liners
  • Tyvek groundsheet

Cooking + Water:

  • Caldera Cone alcohol stove
  • 18 oz fuel
  • Evernew .8L titanium pot
  • 2 titanium sporks
  • Sawyer Squeeze Mini water filter
  • Bear bag + rope

Med Kit:

  • 4 medium band aids
  • moleskine
  • 1 pack antibiotic ointment
  • KT tape
  • liquid band aid
  • 2 alka seltzer cold medicine tablets
  • Handful each of turmeric, ibuprofen, benadryl
  • Magnesium oil
  • Medication for Katherine’s stomach


  • iPhone + charger + headphones
  • iPro Trio lens kit (attaches to the phone)
  • iCast microphone
  • Soundlogic external battery
  • Stickpic


  • Outdoor Research waterproof stuff sack
  • 4 cuben fiber stuff sacks
  • Pocket knife
  • AT Guide
  • SheWee
  • Sea to Summit bug nets
  • Baseball cap + visor
  • Sunglasses
  • CamelBack 3L water reservoir
  • Black Diamond headlamps
  • Black Diamond Z Pole trekking poles

We loaded our bags up yesterday, with full water reservoirs and 10 days of food, and were very happy to weigh in at 27 lbs for Eric and 25 lbs for Katherine. It looks like a lot when you list it out like that, and we are carrying several luxury items, but it packs down small and we feel light. Here’s the exploded view:


4 thoughts on “what’s in our packs

    1. They keep them dry to a point. There really is nothing that will stay waterproof forever. So for a day hike in snow, they’re awesome. But I might have used them once on the AT before I sent them home. Once they get wet (and they will), they take FOREVER to dry, and you’re stuck carrying a heavy pair of useless socks. Wool will keep your feet just as warm when wet, and they dry exponentially faster. I don’t know if you’ve seen this post yet…it recaps how all our gear worked out and what we changed: https://theproudland.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/at-thru-hike-gear-remix/

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