GA -> ME // 2,185.3 miles // 4.6.14 – 10.7.14


Welcome! The Proud Land documents the 2014 Appalachian Trail thru-hike of Roots (that’s me, Katherine) and my husband Morning Joe (Eric), as well as some thoughts in the time leading up to the hike and just after. 

For a general overview and my best attempts at a synthesis of what the trail was like, check out two interviews I did after we finished on the Appalachian Trials blog and Hey Eleanor!

I love to trade stories, talk about our time on the trail, and help future hikers plan or prepare, so if you have anything to say, please email me at or leave a comment here–I’ll get back to you!

Thanks for visiting, and happy hiking.




the story of starting (how we decided to thru-hike the AT)
remaining mundane (for now)
why I am hiking the appalachian trail
what scares me about thru-hiking the AT
already on the trail
two weeks out // thoughts
personal problems // what everyone wants to know but is too polite to ask
the great appalachian food strategy
what’s in our packs
trail mix


Days 1-3
Days 3-7
Days 8 & 9
Days 10-16
Days 17-30
Days 31-43
Days 44-52
Days 53-72
Days 72-89
Days 91-102
Days 103-108
Days 109-116
Days 117-125
Days 126-130
Days 131-141
Days 142-159
Days 160-169
Days 170-175
Days 176-184
Day 185: Katahdin


tapas on the trail
going irrationally slow + trail names
hike your own hike
walking with wired!
lala land and the smokies
the magical trail to hot springs
the hiker hunger
hot springs, nc to roan mtn, tn
hitchin’ a ride
arriving at mysterious notations
roan mtn to pearisburg, va
just wait a minute
just ride
if you’re not ready, don’t go
pearisburg to waynesboro, va
as we approach halfway
are we having fun yet?
waynesboro to boiling springs, pa
alienation and belonging
magical new york
what not doing yoga has done for my yoga
boiling springs to vermont
vermont and new hampshire


one month later // more reentry observations
gear review
behold, monson